1. “honey i’m a prize and you’re a catch and we’re a perfect match.”

    – spit on a stranger - pavement

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  3. “You think you feel almost everything”

    – Life like weeds - modest mouse

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  5. 10 thing tuesday

    fleeting thoughts of summer:

    1. adventure
    2. warm jackets and hoodies
    3. cut off shorts
    4. the feeling of the sun touching tickling stimulating against your skin
    5. the smell of campfire on your hair, clothes, engulfing everything.
    6. the sound of water splashing as someone dives in
    7. fireflies and fireworks fighting to illumiate the sky
    8. the sound of ice coffee clanking against a plastic sides
    9. the smell of fresh ripe strawberries on picnics
    10. alternating between sneakers and no shoes 

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    leotard- TacocaT

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  9. “Go with the choice that feels like freedom.”

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  11. ahitinsweden said: You are moving?

    >not yet, but eventually. trying to occupy this time with learning and building rather than an all consuming desire to get out. 

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  13. i think the hardest part of being an ‘adult’ or pretending to be an ‘adult’ is just being a person. that, and wanting to be swimming or hiking, or not in a cement box all day. anything but that.

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  15. things to do while i still live in cleveland

    1. more bike rides, more places
    2. graffiti exploration and experimentation
    3. exploring abandoned buildings
    4. finding new lakeside beaches
    5. making more art 
    6. go on weekly hikes
    7. building my climbing ability 

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  17. rapt- karen o.

    best sad love song ever.

    basically spent all my teenage years wanting to be karen o. not much has changed. 

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  19. last night.

    watching the storm slowly roll in over the lake, the lightning flash and illuminate the sky, crack, thunder. staring into the abyss of swirling clouds, and the lake begin to swell with waves. suddenly the sky becomes black, and then running away from the storm almost carried by the force of wind over yards and yards boulders screaming. equal parts pleasure and fear.

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    girl - jamie xx 

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  23. summer solstice


    how i spent summer solstice

    watching the sun set over the water, while lying on the rocks. hearing the waves lap against the rocks one after the other.  

    lake erie does not have a reputation for being notoriously clean -our river caught on fire. it’s a shallow body of water, and some days, when it’s windy,  all the sediment kicks up and it appears murky brown against the blue (aka mostly grey cloudy sky) but i think that just makes it all the more rewarding for when the sunset is all the more spectacular. 

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  25. ten thing tuesday

    a collection of things found in my backpack:

    1. stewart and claire, la nuit chapstick, (jasmine/bergamot/peru balsam)
    2. a pack of dried mango
    3. a rock from a friend, found on a hike 
    4. lavender oil to smell and sooth 
    5. a few renegade bobbies
    6. eyeliner, i haven’t worn in months
    7. pink pens (three), a sharpie, 05 micron, 02 micron 
    8. a  pocket sized moleskin notebook 
    9. a scrap piece of paper in bullet points: “IBIZA, MOROCCO, EGYPT, BIG SUR, JOSHUA TREE, LIGHTNING FIELD, BOLIVA, ANYWHERE
    10. fortune that says, “good things come to those who wait”, crossed out and hand written over in pink pen “live in every moment” 

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  27. the perfect answer.

    Q: Picture yourself 5 years from now…where do you hope to be?

    A: “Happy and healthy with some more adventures under my belt and stories to tell.”


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  29. ten thing tuesday

    1. sleeping bear dunes
    2. joshua tree
    3. salvation mountain 
    4. big sur
    5. la push 
    6. havasu falls
    7. redwood forest 
    8. sequoia national park 
    9. the lightning field 
    10. antelope canyon 

    ten beautiful/magical/enchanting locations i’ll see in the next ten years, all in the USA.

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is a --> painter/illustrator/photo taker/artist/creator /maker of things/yoga instructor/nature lover/adventurer/explorer/gypsy/.

currently living in the midwest where i run all activities from home and the road.

all of these photos are taken by me.