1. so psyched about this summer. i cant even wait.


  2. the twenty.


    twenty random facts about me:

    1. travel is really important to me. I want to see it all, I need to see it all.
    2. i once thought alaska was an island for half a second.
    3. i have an amazing long term memory but have to write down day to day to-do lists or else they fall out of my brain. 
    4. i’m a sucker for ‘coming of age’ everything.
    5. i am really into words, i devour thesauruses. 
    6. i go to bed way too late and wake up way too early.
    7. i am still trying to figure out what I want to be when i grow up, sometimes I get scared and think I will never really know.
    8. i just want to surf in warm water everyday, even though i never have. 
    9. my hair is my security blanket.
    10. i am always busy and I prefer it that way.
    11. i need adventure in my life, My soul craves it.
    12. music makes me feel alive and I need it to function.
    13. i don’t have a favorite color// all of them. 
    14. i want to travel the entire country via road trip. then I want to see the rest of the world. 
    15. i have a deep love for boots, and ugly sweaters. i have a collection of both.
    16. most of my favorite foods are green; kale, asparagus, ARTICHOKES, broccoli, arugula, brussels sprouts,castelvetrano olives, mint chocoalte chip ice cream, pistachio ice cream… 
    17. there’s at least 6 tattoos I would like to get, but I’m still without a single mark 
    18. yoga is my favorite form of exercise / running is my least favorite form of exercise
    19. salt > sugar
    20. i still wish i were a ballerina. 

  3. "let everything happen to you. beauty and terror. just keep going. no feeling is final."
    —   rainer maria rilke

  4. bring your dancing shoes.


  5. Lose your dreams and you will loose your mind. Ain’t life unkind?


    I was realy impressed by the album/artwork from the rolling stones exhibit at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. it was all really beautiful and interesting and not just a display of rock relics. 

    1 <> original andy warhol print 

    2 <> commentary collage 

    3 <> original collage in lay for their satanic majesty request 

    4 <> look at that compass etching. this guitar was beautiful. whales, the wind blown clouds. the illustrations, my heart. everything.

    Lose your dreams and you will loose your mind. Ain’t life unkind?


  6. WEEKENDING & errands.


    1 <>  rising star. best coffee in CLE. hands down. they even have homemade almond milk they’ll foam & steam for you.

    2 <> guitar riot.

    3 <> free people had a free yoga event at their store in woodmere. it was so refreshing, and they had the most beautiful suspended floral spring displays which definitely inspired me to brighten up my apartment with botanicals and make to a little more festive to get though this last leg of winter.  

    4 <> kombucha at whole foods. the mother mushroom is grotesque but i keep going back for more. 

    5 <> sunday brunch at beachland. local & organic & good. 

    6 <> music saves in collinwood.

    7 <> perusing records. 

    8 <> shop cat. it’s name is vinyl. 

    9 <> a muted grey sunset casts over the harbor.



    looking for a fight- bleached 


  8. on being a new teacher


    thoughts on being a new teacher. 

    hours of preparation of asanas, (and modifications) time of day, trying to make the perfect playlist to ebb and flow with moments and mindset.

    waves of nervousness alternating with waves of calm and reassurance that you know what you’re doing. just breathe. trying to find the balance between modelling, checking your students alignment and the appropriate pressure to touch them/ or not with when making adjustments. 

    take cues from  your students. if they look confused you probably said left instead of right, you might have said elbow instead of knee. if they’re all panting and trying anymore call out child’s pose.

    It’s a learning period for them as it’s a learning period for you.




    long weekend photo dump.

    1 <> a purse i begrudgingly left behind at the thrift store. repeating my experiences>things mantra. So far it’s mostly working, in a good way.

    2 <> thrifting. the perfect denim jacket. score.

    3 <> making carmel-peanut butter cookies for galentines day with my bff. there was champange, and an impromptu sleepover.

    4 <> food prep. yum brussels. 

    5 <> presidents day weekend fondue party. melted cheese + chocolate, cards against humanity, and dancing. lots of dancing. 



    repeat - wimps


  11. "comparison is the thief of joy."

  12. happy valentines day- tokyo police club


  13. "I’m not here to save you, I’m the main character of my own life."
    — daydream nation


  15. "it was like “inhaling a sleepover”"
    — Eva Wiseman