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summer solstice


how i spent summer solstice

watching the sun set over the water, while lying on the rocks. hearing the waves lap against the rocks one after the other.  

lake erie does not have a reputation for being notoriously clean -our river caught on fire. it’s a shallow body of water, and some days, when it’s windy,  all the sediment kicks up and it appears murky brown against the blue (aka mostly grey cloudy sky) but i think that just makes it all the more rewarding for when the sunset is all the more spectacular. 

ten thing tuesday

a collection of things found in my backpack:

  1. stewart and claire, la nuit chapstick, (jasmine/bergamot/peru balsam)
  2. a pack of dried mango
  3. a rock from a friend, found on a hike 
  4. lavender oil to smell and sooth 
  5. a few renegade bobbies
  6. eyeliner, i haven’t worn in months
  7. pink pens (three), a sharpie, 05 micron, 02 micron 
  8. a  pocket sized moleskin notebook 
  9. a scrap piece of paper in bullet points: “IBIZA, MOROCCO, EGYPT, BIG SUR, JOSHUA TREE, LIGHTNING FIELD, BOLIVA, ANYWHERE
  10. fortune that says, “good things come to those who wait”, crossed out and hand written over in pink pen “live in every moment” 

the perfect answer.

Q: Picture yourself 5 years from now…where do you hope to be?

A: “Happy and healthy with some more adventures under my belt and stories to tell.”


ten thing tuesday

  1. sleeping bear dunes
  2. joshua tree
  3. salvation mountain 
  4. big sur
  5. la push 
  6. havasu falls
  7. redwood forest 
  8. sequoia national park 
  9. the lightning field 
  10. antelope canyon 

ten beautiful/magical/enchanting locations i’ll see in the next ten years, all in the USA.


i’ll be the one you want someday - jessica lea mayfield 

the forgotten

imageimageall found objects, observed while in route or journey to a destination.

none of these are placements. 

1. squid

2. run over roses.

boots, BDG from UO.


Life of Leisure - Washed Out

ten thing tuesday.

a literary collection of things and experiences. 

  1. hotel pools
  2. the sound of the sea
  3. photobooths that still use film
  4. the smell after rain 
  5. the first sip of coffee in morning
  6. road trips and roadside attractions
  7. sleeping under the stars
  8. running through cornfields
  9. the way the breeze feels on your skin
  10. a found mixtape

a few recent adventures


  1. veering off paths and hiking through streams with friends.
  2. yoga at the transformer station, in the morning dew and Cleveland rain.
  3. wild daises and dandelions in the park at the farmers market. 

MdF8XK on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

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so psyched about this summer. i cant even wait.

the twenty.


twenty random facts about me:

  1. travel is really important to me. I want to see it all, I need to see it all.
  2. i once thought alaska was an island for half a second.
  3. i have an amazing long term memory but have to write down day to day to-do lists or else they fall out of my brain. 
  4. i’m a sucker for ‘coming of age’ everything.
  5. i am really into words, i devour thesauruses. 
  6. i go to bed way too late and wake up way too early.
  7. i am still trying to figure out what I want to be when i grow up, sometimes I get scared and think I will never really know.
  8. i just want to surf in warm water everyday, even though i never have. 
  9. my hair is my security blanket.
  10. i am always busy and I prefer it that way.
  11. i need adventure in my life, My soul craves it.
  12. music makes me feel alive and I need it to function.
  13. i don’t have a favorite color// all of them. 
  14. i want to travel the entire country via road trip. then I want to see the rest of the world. 
  15. i have a deep love for boots, and ugly sweaters. i have a collection of both.
  16. most of my favorite foods are green; kale, asparagus, ARTICHOKES, broccoli, arugula, brussels sprouts,castelvetrano olives, mint chocoalte chip ice cream, pistachio ice cream… 
  17. there’s at least 6 tattoos I would like to get, but I’m still without a single mark 
  18. yoga is my favorite form of exercise / running is my least favorite form of exercise
  19. salt > sugar
  20. i still wish i were a ballerina. 

let everything happen to you. beauty and terror. just keep going. no feeling is final.

  rainer maria rilke

bring your dancing shoes.

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